Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

[Shard] Radiant Power (Windows)

Radiant Power: Increase the Defence Power of Defences near you by xx% (30% maxed out)

An Explosive Trap deals 546 (2x DP) damage without any Relics .
With a Radiant Power Shard around it deals 11.889 damage.
The trap deals only 9.684 damage when it is supported by a Relic and has 4.208 DP.


While I have to admit that this is helping a lot and makes the aura/shard extremely useful I also have to admit that it is imbalanced and a probably a bug.

diviator posted this bug on03/02/17
Rien 03/17/17 07:41

I think Radiant power is still buffing the defenses more than intended.

Shard description: increase the defense power of nearby defenses by 6% of your hero damage


Tested using my Mystic with 10390 hero power, a newly created monk and apprentice:

Monk tier 1 LSA atk dmg is 10080. When my mystic gets close, the atk dmg spike to 147k (+137k)

App tier 1 Earthshatter atk dmg is 5600, and spiking to 98k (+91k) when mystic gets close

The spike should be the same number if it is based on hero damage so I'm not sure what the calculation here is.

Images on the links: