Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

EV2 Buff Beam + Dryad Deff Bug (Windows)

If you place down the Tree from Dryad and place a small Buff Beam anywhere in the Tree AOE ring it will buff all Dryad defenses within said ring. Here's were it gets interesting. If you place down another tree anywhere on the map it will get the buff beam buffs even if you don't have a buff beam in that tree aoe ring for dryad defenses. I was able to duplicate this bug multiple times in testing. Was able to confirm All of Dryad defenses got the increase on paper at least not sure in combat if it is just a text bug or not was not able to test that aspect out. Some times the bug wouldn't duplicate if the AOE rings wouldn't touch. I included a video of said bug.


LeGrimm posted this bug on03/05/17