Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Dryad revives with 1 HP (Windows)

While playing with Dryad, my brother discovered a buy with the dryad self destruct. When she revives from Ctrl -L death, she is revived with only 0 HP

Steps to reproduce:

1 - Pull out Dryad and make her your active hero.

2 - Change into Corruption form

3 - Press Ctrl + L

4 - notice Dryad changes back into her pure form for death animation

5 - Notice the glowy orb thing in her hand is sill purple during death animation (even though her death animation is in her pure form. But, it's purple cuz you killed yourself while in corrupt form)

6 - Revive in Pure form with 1 HP....and some bonus mana, too (Star power? - what is her Ability resource called?)

SpiderDanX posted this bug on03/05/17