Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Dragonfall Sewers South Pump only has 3k life (North pump has 20k) (Windows)

Was farming C3 for the daily, and noticed the south pump had 3k life, while the north had 20k.

This maybe the case on all difficulties, as I have noticed I kept losing on all difficulties to the south pump dying when nothing was there. The new monster AI is playing havoc with ranged monster targeting the core, but it wouldn't be so bad if it didnt have such low hp.

Zimmermann posted this bug on03/07/17
ConnorM 03/07/17 17:13

I can't seem to reproduce this. If you see it again could you submit some media to help us figure out what the issue is?

ConnorM 03/10/17 12:44

So I figured it out. If a shield geode gets close to a Core or Sub-Objective it will drop the max health of it to 3,000 for the remainder of the map.

Zimmermann 03/10/17 20:17

yep that makes perfect sense.

I had Goedes in the close lane and it dropped to 3k hp.

Zimmermann 03/10/17 20:46

regardless of hp this pump is attacked constantly from the bridge. Not sure if thats also a bug or just the new AI not functioning on old maps.