Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Crit cap and crit reduction (Windows)

This in my eyes and with the people i talked makes no sense at all. Crit is a stat on towers which many people ignore, because you already need to increase crit chance to actualy activate it. So crit is a type of wild card. Some Tower scale good with it tho, but from the look of my testings crit does cap at 999.999 damage. Which really makes no sense. This means at higher ascension and overall for good crit scaling defenses, crit damage stat becomes useless, the relic Mark will also be useless. This leads to that it is always better to go for DP in the end because the damage has no cap. The crit cap is on all defenses. It also seems that if you go extremly high over the crit cap, the crit damage actually gets reduced on towers.

Steps to reproduce:

  • start the game
  • start a map
  • build a obelisk or lightning strike aura (easiest to reach the max crit on these) and try to max out the Crit damage
  • notice that crit damage caps at 999k and that if you go way over it gets reduced

Steps to reproduce:

Crit has no cap for it is not needed to cap on defenses. It is ok for skills and shard but on defenses it should not.

Dreamanime posted this bug on03/18/17