Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

PDT and Ascension Level (PS4)

The PDT  has 0 ATK DMG without any Relic or Ascension Level and the ATK DMG doesn't get higher with Defense Power.

The "Poison Dart Tower Damage" Ascension Points should increase the Defense Power by 20 per Point, instead of that it only increase the ATK DMG (+20 = 1 Point) and the Poisen DMG (+20 = 1 Point) not the Defense Power.

So for example if u put 50 Points in Gambit (-1500DP) and 50 Points in PDT DMG, u get 1000 ATK DMG = 200 DP.

TwiiQz posted this bug on04/02/17
ConnorM 04/03/17 12:57

What's the bug here?

There are a lot of values and stats listed here, but I am not seeing what your specific issue is.

Edited on: 04/03/17 12:57
TwiiQz 04/04/17 07:49

Yeah sorry, my englisch isn't that good.


Ascension -> Defense Tree -> "PDT Damage" should increase the Defense Power by 20, instead of that it only increase the ATK DMG by 20 and the Poison DMG by 20.

The bug is that u don't get that 20 Defense Power. Also the PDT has 0 ATK DMG and that value gets only higher if u put points in the "PDT Damage" Ascension level.

The Scaling is 1 DP = 5 Poison DMG, so u only get 4 DP  instead of 20 DP from the ascension level.



TwiiQz 04/04/17 07:59

1 Point in Ascension / PDT Damage

TwiiQz 04/04/17 08:00

Naked PDT Tier 1