Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Blunder Broom Duster freeze sphere and extra 1 second passive do not give even 1 second of freeze. (Windows)

The description of the the sphere notes 3 seconds and with additional 1 second passive should get 4 seconds of freeze. As is, before you can say Freeze/Unfreeze it is over. Less then a second. Once in a great while I can get the freeze crush to work if I run up behind the Boss and activate both freeze and crush at the same time. Most times wind up dead for my effort. :-)

Gerg posted this bug on10/20/16
Reij 11/14/16 12:41

Thank you for submitting this bug. We're working on  a fix for it.

Trendy 03/08/17 09:47

Fixed with the Trials Update as Sphere's system was replaced.