Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

PDT Damage Ascension (Windows)

Huntress PDT's Damage at ascension defense point not affected,  PDT Damage gains NO STAT OF TAG StatMod_Post.

(NO STAT OF TAG StatMod_Post) 

liemeifung posted this bug on04/19/17
Phoenixpick 04/19/17 18:34

Appears on my PDT damage, also on the Ability Mana ascention points for all characters I have. Both are at 0 points

JustSomeOtaku 04/20/17 01:03

is this messing with the actual stats of the things included or is it just visual?



iamisom 06/02/17 11:52

We believe we've fixed this issue in one of our previous patches as we've seen no further reports of this occurring. If this is still happening, please fill out a new bug report with the new information, and we'll look into it ASAP.