Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

After a map there are no buttons to go back or advance to the next map (Windows)

Sometimes after a map is done, players have no buttons to advance to the next map or go back to the tavern. This issue seems to be random but happens more frequently the more players are in a party.

Steps to reproduce:

  • start the game
  • start a map with multiple players
  • finish or lose the map
  • notice no player has any buttons to choose what to do

Expected result:

At last the Host of the map can always choose something.

Dreamanime posted this bug on04/20/17
ConnorM 04/20/17 15:20

This is being reported enough that we know its happening, but we don't know why it is happening and we can't reproduce it.

Dreamanime 04/21/17 15:47

This happens mainly on a defeat so far.

sakis2011 04/21/17 20:12

if i am in a party (no matter if i start the game or someone of my party) and win the map, at the end we press all continue and after that nothing happens.. game stucks. BUT if i leave the party before i press continue.. all my 3 friends keep going together to a new map and i get to menu.. is like my side is bugged and drag down the entire party.. 

Dreamanime 04/21/17 20:30

After having experienced it more now it looks more like a party issue. Like before where people were still inside a party even if they arn't. Its just a wild guess. Like if the system tries to give maybe someone outside of the party the leader choice, because of the switching leader bug.

Sangre Sani 04/22/17 05:48

I can easily reproduce this with all of my friends:


1. Form a group of at least two people

2. Lose or win in trials, have the ending screen pop up

3. Click "continue"

4. Wait. Because this is where the bug strikes. We can never do more than one map without going back to the tavern. If we wait for the timout we get the option to go back to the hub, but there's no way we ever "continue" to a next map.


This is NOT an issue if you're going all alone. It only happens when you're in a party.

Solimões 04/22/17 09:17

this happens randomly to me.  i don't think this can be reproduced in anyway. somehow it doesn't execute the source code that will show the buttons.

Kura 04/22/17 17:17

Connor it would be helpful if you told us what you are doing to recreate it so we could then advise you on the process we are using. I for example can reproduce this by joining a game that my friend is playing through steam's "Join Game".  So the game is in it's building mode phase and defenses have already been put down. At the end of the game the screen as shown above  takes a while to appear and I am just left with this screen resulting in me having to end task through windows.

lili 04/22/17 17:47

I've also reported this bug in another thread and have a video of the whole map from start to finish showing these issues. 

Trieton 04/22/17 22:41

This consistently happens to me whenever I am in a party with one other person.

If it asks the other person to Continue, it works just fine.

If I am given the option to Continue or Return to Tavern, selecting "Continue" makes the "Returning to Tavern in X seconds" message go away for both of us and we have to wait for it to invisibly time out, leaving us with the "Return to Hub" or "Return to Menu" options after waiting about a minute or two.

TeeDuk 04/23/17 18:53

Having the same issue. This could NOT be more annoying. Also, I can't just join a game. It has to error out 3 times first before allowing me to join or create.


I have a state of the art VR machine, top line specs all round. Broadband that screams. Unfortunate for me I am on Win10. This is the only game I have played that takes me more time to get in a game/go between games than I spend playing.

SoulNick 04/25/17 03:47

We have the same prob!!! But only on ps4 splitscreen gaming. When i'm playing solo there is no issue! Also if we try to join a game on split, we are not able to connect the 2. Player to the map!!! 

Same lile Sangre Sani told befor, see below (4/22/2017 05:48)

Also we have big troubble with the host, once we try one of our towers, maybe 10 sek, we are not able to get back to the wartable.... no connection anymore... 


SpiderDanX 04/25/17 15:22

Played maybe 10-12 maps last night. Won 8-9 of them. Got this bug after 2 multiplayer Consec wins. Then had to go back main menu, then tavern. Then load up new map. 2 consecutive wins later, bug happened. Rinse/repeat. 2 more consecutive wins later, bug again. Rinse repeat to start up map again. 1 win and bug. Rinse repeat. 1 win and bug.

End result, it's not tied to wins or losses. Which makes it harder for bug fixers to narrow it down. However, it NEVER happens to me when playing solo. Only a multiplayer bug that I have experienced.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but Sometimes I am EV2 when it happens, sometimes Monk, some times Squire. I've only been playing DPS with these heroes.

builds I use lately:

LM walls or Squire walls or Squire dummies

EV2 Weapon Manufacturer or LavaMancer Fissures.

Huntress Geysers

Monk Boost Aura

Lavamancer Oil Geysers

Gexilus 05/14/17 19:56

Has there been an update on this? My GF and I recently just started grouping together and we're experiencing this issue. Every map, we finish the game, and it doesn't let us move forward without leaving to the HUB or the Menu and recreating the Party. Definitely putting a damper on our first experience with the game.