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Invisible Assassin (PS4)

The Assassine's are sometimes Invisible, if they jump on someone.

Also sometimes u get stunned by an assassine (the purple ring), but there is no assassine and your stunned till you change hero.

Also u can't unequipment your gear with square.

TwiiQz posted this bug on04/20/17
TwiiQz 04/20/17 15:18

Invisible Assassine

TwiiQz 04/20/17 15:23

FragZombie420 04/24/17 15:21

here is a short vid of these nasty fellas in action

Invisible Assassins

Edited on: 04/24/17 15:23
iamisom 06/02/17 12:43

We believe we've fixed this issue in one of our previous patches. If you're still seeing this, please submit a new bug report!