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Earthshatter tower dealing no damage (Windows)

The earth tower on aprentice (4th tower) deals no damage to enemies, played it in a few maps and, the animation plays, it LOOKS like it deals dmg to them, but no, i decided to playtest it by losing the round on purpose but only after i placed a good 7 of them in one lane and tested them against a unit. 

When inspected they dealt 0 dmg. upgraded to last tier and same thing. enemies just as healthy as when they spawned, and no its not lack of damage

jkuty posted this bug on04/20/17
QA09 04/20/17 20:49

I was able to reproduce this. Thanks for the report!

Mark 04/21/17 22:54

I have the exact same issue. I hope it gets solved soon.

JhonnyRaincloud 04/24/17 20:37

Same problem here. Hope it gets fixed soon. c:

Dreamanime 04/25/17 10:48

Upvote for i wanted to test them, =) And have same issue.

iamisom 06/02/17 11:52

Thank you for the report, jkuty! We believe we've fixed this issue in one of our previous patches as we've seen no further reports of this occurring. If this is still happening, please fill out a new bug report with the new information, and we'll look into it ASAP.

Griifen 10/06/18 02:18

The issue is not fixed, please play at least 1 game yourselves before stating that you've fixed the problem

Edited on: 10/06/18 02:19