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Empowered Flame shard doing too much damage (Windows)

Empowered Flame is doing too much damage.

The description on the Shard says: "Flamethrower Tower has a 15% chance to hit the target again for 180% damage."

My Flamethrower Tower is currently dealing 24,433 damage. When the Empowered Flame shard procs, it should do it's normal attack for 24,433, plus a second attack that does 24,433 * 1.8 = 43,979.

However, when it procs, I can clearly see the regular hit for 24,433, plus a second hit for 68,412. This is exactly 24,433 + 43,979, or 24,433 * 2.8.

So instead of hitting the target with a normal attackin, and then again for 180% damage, it is either hitting the target for it's normal damage twice plus a 3rd hit for 180%, or it is doing 1 normal attack plus hitting the target again for 280% damage. Either way, the result is that this shard is doing 100% more damage than it should be doing.

Hom-Sha-Bom posted this bug on04/22/17
Hom-Sha-Bom 04/22/17 00:43

Also, my regular Crits do 154,261 damage. When I get a crit on an Empowered Flame proc, I get both my regular attack for 24,433 damage, and a crit that deals 198,240 damage. This is exactly my regular crit attack + the 180% extra hit.

This is further evidence that when Empowered Flame procs it is doing 3 hits

  1. 24,433 damage from the regular attack
  2. 154,261 damage from a 2nd attack that crits
  3. 43,979 damage from a 3rd attack that does 180% damage.

but hits 2 and 3 are combined into a single number being displayed.


Edited on: 04/22/17 00:48
Hom-Sha-Bom 04/22/17 01:03

Video proof that the extra hit from the Empowered Flame proc is doing 280% damage not 180% damage.

Hom-Sha-Bom 04/24/17 15:00

Why was this changed to Needs Your Help? I showed the math, I recorded and uploaded a video of it, what's the problem here? Someone set it to Needs Your Help but didnt bother to say what help is needed.

Edited on: 04/24/17 15:00
Talis_Cat 05/29/17 20:22

I don't agree on the crit part.

2 and 3 are actually the same hit. And rightly so.

It's the 280% special hit + the usual crit BONUS (in your case 130K or so)

For simplicity sake i'l refer to the crit value dispalyed on dummy as crit and the value displayed in tooltip as crit bonus

So crit is base+crit bonus

So basically the special damage always does 280 of base damage and can crit for the usual bonus value.

Also whether the special atack crit or not doesn't seem related to crit on main one.

All in all it should either deal base damage + 1.8 base damage

Or crit damage + 1.8 crit (if main hit crit)

The tricky part is most proc damage can crit ... It's currently the case.

So if it was working right it would lead to hit four scenarii :

If proc on base : either base *1.8 OR base *1.8+crit bonus

If proccing on crit hit : (base+crit bonus) *1.8+crit bonus OR (base+crit bonus) *1.8+crit bonus

So it should not only do 1.8x of last damage (base or crit) instead of 2.8 of base damage but also should'nt be allowed to crit.

Kyoiory 06/03/17 08:54 @3281

I think it change to need your help cause in higher lvl no one really using it. Even it crit damage +180% bonus. There only 15% chance you get the proc and when it not you will let monster through so shard give more damage normal is still better.