Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Weapon Manufacturer Health gambit (Windows)

The EV2 has a gambit for the Weapon Manufacturer Health. The Weaponmanufacturer loses no health currently (intended or not?), which makes the Health Gambit useless.

Steps to reproduce:

  • start the game
  • place a weapon manufacturer near dummies or an enemy
  • notice it does not lose health
  • go into ascension of EV2
  • notice the health gambit

Expected result:

The WM loses health or the gambit is removed.

Dreamanime posted this bug on04/22/17
iamisom 06/02/17 14:28

We've fixed this issue in a previous update. If you're still seeing this issue, please submit a new bug report, and we'll look into it ASAP.