Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

"Clear Skies" and "Line Them Up" achievement not working (Windows)
The Monk's "Clear Skies" and the Apprentice's "Line Them Up" achievements are not showing any progress for me. After farming for some time they still show 0% progress. All the other achievements work just fine. I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone but it is not working for me.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Load up a map.

2. Start the wave and use the Apprentice's secondary ability a few times.

3. Press ESC > Collections > Apprentice.

4. Achievement "Line Them Up" still shows 0% progress.

Expected Results: Fix the achievements so I can get my juicy gold and get closer to 100%. Not really the main reason, it just bugs me that i have almost every champion based achievement but these 2 are still showing 0%.

Sellion posted this bug on06/20/17
JZsweep 07/06/17 19:30

I'm also having this issue on the PS4 version of the game.

Sonny6155 07/15/17 07:38

I can confirm that this bug occurs as well, also on Windows.

LolBozo 07/22/17 03:18

Yea, ive been trying to get all the achievements, but these two have been bugging me that i just cant get them, trendy pls :(

Soulrift 07/27/17 11:07

Some screenshots to go with this:



Note that I had two of these towers, and both had racked up almost 6mil each by the end of c1

Soulrift 07/27/17 12:05

Verified still bugged in 1.0.3