Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Ascension requirement on trials mode does not work (Windows)
Ascension requirement in the wartable trials mode, does not work. It will always display 0 requirement and players can join them. Even if you set a high requirement.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:
  • start the game
  • go to the wartable
  • open a map in trials (chaos 1-7) and set a ascension requirement
  • check with a different player in the tavern and see that the game has a ascension requirement of 0
  • join the game
  • notice that you can join the map

Expected Results: There is a ascension requirement on trials maps too if you insert one.

Dreamanime posted this bug on06/20/17
TheZonk 06/25/17 01:16

Sometimes there is a requirement, but people are able to join randomly IF they're "Continue" their last Map...

Simon 06/26/17 12:58


When you fix this pls Keep in mind to fix the loopholes also.

Mentioned those in this ticket:


coinelement 07/10/17 23:27

+1 to TheZonk's comment.

When you continue, the level restriction is lifted and the leeches come out.

LeChuck 07/19/17 13:12

+1 When we create a map with ascension requirement it would be great if the game kept that requirement when we continue to the next map.

Viktor 07/22/17 11:20

yep never works when: 

  • you continue after the first match - requirement resets some how
  • and also if people who are joining also joining as a result of them continuing