Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Switching heros during Victory leads to death (Windows)
If you switch hero during the Victory logo / music, you automatically die
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

-Win a map.

-Switch hero when the Victory logo appears.

-You die.

Victorious Death

Expected Results: Don't die.

Fat Cat posted this bug on06/20/17
PsychoHype 07/07/17 14:41

i now get it not only in maps but in tavern too 

and i cant get any of my skills to work and it keeps happening 

please fix it 

Nanu 07/08/17 00:47

had this bug also for a few days, it tells me i died, but my respawnlocation is not spawn but the last position i was dieing.

in addition, i had a gauntlet with shards equipped in the mission, switched midwave to a new lootdrop. died on victoryscreen. the lootbox was green, i expected mystic or legend. back in town i wanted to switch my old shards of the old gauntlet to the new. but old gauntlet gone, shards gone.

feels like the client just equippes the new item, and overrides/deletes the slot. might explain the death and bad loot(if server asumes that no gauntled was equipped at all)


victorydeath occours across all heros, and different gamemodes


equipped shards reappeared in inventory 24hours later, but the gauntlet which had the shards equipped did not reapear

Edited on: 07/11/17 20:11
Jesus is Lord 07/17/17 16:55

this is also a bug for me - as i often switch from fighter to mage ( as my mage has a random gold increase item ) so i like to use him to clean up at the end of the map and open the chest, but it will kill him.  i just assumed the game was doing that on purpose because it had to "reset" the item-type inside the chest because it's related to what hero you have out - and by changing the hero after the chest is programmed, you have to die for it to be reprogammed for the new character.  

Cryo 07/19/17 18:49

Happens to me as well

Yevey 07/22/17 06:43

Also can happen in the tavern. Not sure what triggers it.

Viktor 07/22/17 11:17

yep happens rvery time, 100% recreatable on the round 5/5 after u see victory message and before chest spawn - if u switch a heri u r dead. and sometimes u wont see a countdown for respawning too