Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Not Getting Spooky Event Title (Windows)

I have completed all the challenges for the 2016 Spooky event (As shown in the pictures) but even after completing the event/challenge to 100% my title hasn't be awarded to me yet; as the pictures show the tile "The Ghost of" is not present in my list of unlocked titles even though I have already done the task to unlock it.

A couple of my friends have also the exact same problem, so this isn't a one off bug




(Sorry they are links, don't know how to attach pictures on here)

Virydis posted this bug on10/31/16
Petire 10/31/16 13:06

The title is unlocking but for some reason it's not in list of unlocked titles. 

Virydis 11/02/16 06:18

Yes that is the problem, any know work-arounds?

K-ToF 11/03/16 13:50

Got the same issue.

Can't select it from the title list.

Dani 11/03/16 20:16

Confirmed fixed in next release.

h2oman24 11/07/16 19:19

I noticed this as well, however i logged in today and ALL of my progess has been reset to 0%, even though i have completed it.