Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

All Gear and everything in bags Gone. (PS4)
All items I had equipped and all items in my bag are gone. I don't know what caused this. I restarted application and items still aren't there.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. I finished a game. 2. Went back to tavern. 3. items disappeared somehow.


Expected Results: I hope this gets looked into. I've spent so many hours grinding for shards and gear.

Tre_G4Fx posted this bug on07/04/17
ConnorM 07/05/17 12:07

I've restored your profile to the last point in which you had items. If you find a way to reproduce this reliably please let us know as we have never seen this occur internally.


Viktor 07/18/17 13:16

happened to me last night. Same process ended a match went back to town, joined another match and noticed i move slower then usual - checked inventory and everything was gone. Dev just responded notifying me that everything bee. Restored - currently at work - will verify as soon as i get home. 

Jrterry 07/19/17 23:08

The same issue happened with me today. I was running a chaos 1 round after finishing continued to next after i joined noone from last game was with me so i went to town and all my items were gone. Hope it can be fixed.

i1lljii 07/25/17 18:19

July 25th 2017, I was playing this morning, launch a campaign quest, to realize that I've lost every items, pets, weapons, armor pieces and shards. I was playing with a penta 3 staff, I want it back. I spent 20 bucks in ur game yesterday, I still have my 1860 gems, but wonder if it's safe. I am quite disapointed, need help please!

i1lljii 07/26/17 08:38

Again !

Right after a Chaos 1 trial win;

1- I created a normal public campaign; The Throne Room

2- I named the game

3- At start, all my new stuff was gone

4- I quickly went on dashboard to close the app

5- I launched back to realize It has saved after the loss

I need help here, plz I'd like to recover my first inventory from july 25th 2017 and this one too if possible

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i1lljii 07/26/17 09:02

And sorry for my poor use of english, i'm french

Wolfdaemone 06/25/18 23:23

I logged on for the first time in months (last time was just after the update with the female wizard) and realized that all the shards that were equipped on my equipment were no longer there. The rest of my inventory was there, including the gear the shards had been equipped on, just the equipped shards were missing. I left a comment on a different page that said to allow three to four business days for a response and it's been longer than that. Here's hoping this is the right place to post the issue, and having spent money on multiple shard packs, here's hoping it's not too late for the problem to be resolved :) 

I play through steam.

RGS Paradox 07/14/18 16:23

I am Probably super late to this too but i have logged in yesterday and did all of the procedures to take care of the game and i did not get any equipment back everything is gone besides the levels on my characters. Please help as soon as possible thanks!

Imsdog 07/14/18 17:22

This just happened to me on Xbox after not playing the game for half a year

Imsdog 07/14/18 17:22

This just happened to me on Xbox after not playing the game for half a year

Iliketurtles444 07/16/18 07:45

This has happened to me as well after a few months of not playing on Xbox one. Everything is gone. I didn’t check my chaos progress, I was too upset about not having any of my stuff. I posted a separate bug report. I hope you can resolve this! I spent a lot of time playing DD2. 

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Le6endaryplayer 11/03/19 15:47

This happened to me not too long ago on my Xbox One, all my characters, gold, and bags were gone, oddly enough i kept all my blue gems, but had 0 bags instead of the basic 1 at the beginning, it sent me back to the tutorial.