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Siege roller gets stuck after killing a blockade (Windows)
Siege roller can get stuck after killing a blockade. Happens more often than not. Sharpened spikes was used on blockade. Not sure if it has any relation to the bug.
Repro Chance: 60%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Build a blockade (Spike blockade in this instance, but dont think it matters)

Let a siege roller kill it.

Watch how the siege roller is stuck until it gets stunned.

Expected Results: Rollie keeps on trucking.

PandynatorDD posted this bug on07/10/17
ConnorM 07/10/17 17:38

Thanks for your bug report! We've investigated your report and followed your instructions, but we were unable to reproduce the bug on our end.

Being able to successfully reproduce a bug is critical to the process of bug fixing. Without a successful step-by-step list of instructions to get the bug to happen, we won't be able to fix this bug. If you (or anyone else reading this) have any additional information that could lead us to successfully reproduce this issue, please reply to this thread. If we do not receive any additional information, we will close this report in two weeks, and we'll ask you to resubmit the report once you have new details that could lead to a successful repro of this bug.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

PandynatorDD 07/11/17 12:41

Try sell the blockade when the roller is attacking it

I just did that and the roller just keeps attacking/stuck.

I did it again and it did not happen. 

As said in OP its not a 100% repro. Not sure why it happens.

Edited on: 07/11/17 12:46