Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Random character-swapping deaths (PS4)
When quick swapping characters in the town (L1+D Pad), the next selected character will die and show 0 seconds remaining.
Repro Chance: 40%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Equip the following: Monk, Squire, Dryad, and Huntress

2. Be in town hub

3. Randomly switch characters with L1+ D Pad hotkey

4. HUD will show red marks around screen and it will show 0 seconds remaining until respawn (although it's really more than 0 seconds)

Expected Results: Look into this issue. This may or may not be the trigger to this bug.

Duckological posted this bug on07/11/17
PandynatorDD 07/13/17 10:33

This happens consistently for me if I play on US server on PC. Pretty sure it has to do with latency. 

I live in EU. 

Felesmic 07/17/17 23:17

Im getting the exact thing for myself on pc. I just started to play again and this greets me at the start of my re-beggining.

Edited on: 07/17/17 23:17
Yura 08/16/18 20:33

It can happen to the apprentice as well if you have the original four.

Wolf Spider 02/27/20 15:07

for me it occurs often no matter where I am, even if its in the middle of a battle. It is rather annoying and I hope it gets fixed soon.