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Black Screen (xbox one x) (Xbox One)
Something is wrong with the latest xbox one x game update. Uninstalled and reinstalled. The game seems to be loading fine then turns into a black screen & hasn't moved off the black screen for 10 minutes. I Posted directly to there twitter - waiting for a response https://twitter.com/SeriousFamily/status/928190564549513216 I reported it through the console also. ------------------------------------------------ I posted more here on the xbox thread (steps taken already) : https://forums.xbox.com/en-GB/thread/15b6fceb-ed4e-4a00-96ad-4c4fa423591d
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

loading up the game gives a black screen - it doesn't get past the loading icon on first boot.

Expected Results: to play the game, but it doesn't load at all.

Sonar posted this bug on11/08/17
Bobby 11/08/17 23:42

Black screen after load screen. I can hear music and I am also able to press A and go to town even if I can’t see what I am pressing. It then loads again. Once I am in the town it shows me my health bar and mini map, but the rest is completely black. I am on Xbox one x. And yes I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, reset Xbox and played with my video settings.

Sonar 11/09/17 05:24

I found an update guys!

Scroll down the comments on this thread.



Sonar 11/10/17 12:30

Dungeon Defenders‏Verified account @TrendyEnt 
We're currently looking into that, as is Microsoft. We'll keep you all posted!