Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Soul of Night not being autocollected (Windows)


I was playing Forest Biome and I had 42 Soul of Nights before I started and when I finished after opening the chest and ending the game I still had 42 but the bag was full so it didn't collect it even though I had a slot with Soul of Nights already.

Riimas posted this bug on11/15/16
LordAngel 11/27/16 19:05

my 1st bag has always been set to auto collect non gear loot and I think I missed out on 4-5 maps worth when new blood moon incursion came out as it does not auto collect every time.

Have confirmed if bag is not 100% full it does auto collect most of the time.

Mamalamadingdong 01/13/17 00:17

I have a similar bug except they don't pick up at all.

tannerboy15 02/25/17 19:28

Soul of Night are not be added to my inventory if I collect the additional gold ingot drops.  If I ignore the gold ingot drops then I will get my original 2 souls, but if I picked the additional 2 from gold ingot drop as well, when I leave the map none will have been added to my inventory.  I tried 3 times for the gold ingot dropped souls now with nothing to show for it.  I'm running this on normal mode til I can unlock more.

 *note: leaving session after collecting gold ingot drop does allow me to keep all 4 drops

Edited on: 02/25/17 20:20
tannerboy15 02/25/17 20:41

Ignore my previous note.  It worked that run and I kept all 4 souls, but it didn't work the next run I made doing the same thing

folk 03/14/17 22:16

i pick up soul  but no have in my bag plss help

Vatant 05/31/17 07:28

I lost 8 souls due to this after trying to get them to collect using various different methods and both with parties and without. I may have a temporary solution to this that has been working for me and a friend after we experienced this same bug. Swapping your characters out with F1-F4 before manually picking up the souls seems to allow you to collect the items and keep them when leaving the dungeon. I'm not sure why but it is working for me currently until the issue is fixed.

ConnorM 06/20/17 10:16

Fixed by removal of souls of night.