Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Shards duplicating and glitching (Xbox One)
I had a mass destruction shard in my inventory but I found a second one in my bag so I clicked on it and it dissapeared but now I can’t use the shard at all and it keep creating copies of the same shard in my inventory, it has also done this with my defence rate shard and my destruction shard, I can’t seem to equip them anymore and it creates far too many copies of a item that isn’t there for me to play anymore.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Select the item then change bag with the item I’m hand, then go back do your hovering over the item but still holding it, press A and there will be a second item duplicated into the bag, you have to enter another lobby for the item to stay but when it happens there should be two items and then the shard becomes unusable and the game becomes unplayable.


Expected Results: I want my Defense Rate shard back, my Mass Destruction shard back and my Destruction shard back

Marc Till posted this bug on06/24/18
monkkami 06/25/18 16:56

I have a a missing Vicious Strikes

monkkami 06/26/18 13:21

my issue was fixed


wukong 07/19/19 09:14

i have a missing Mass Destruction shard , pls fix my shard

Ert0 01/23/23 13:27
I have a a missing : Destructive Pylon ;Explosive Shielding Guard and Radiant Critical Power. how to get them back ?