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Fly After You Finished a Map (Windows)
Flying around the map after you finished but cant do anything
Repro Chance: 50%
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First time i try this

I was runing in The Ramparts on c6, when i was finish looting i clicked g for finish. then i forgot i din't take my chest but for some reason i was unable two jump. and after sometime i got stuck in the ground and was unaple two do anything. then all of a sudden i was in camara mode and flying around the map.

the chest was a green one if that helps anything

Expected Results: dont know rearly i mean will be nice it get fixed, but its the first time i try it so

Green Ranger posted this bug on07/16/18
ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 07/16/18 09:33


Yeah there is a very old weird issue where sometimes after a map is done the summary screen doesn't want to appear so you'll get some weird things like this until the timer kicks you to the next map. We've been looking into this for a bit but still haven't trouble trying to nail it down.