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Private match to public match after next floor (Windows)
So i create a private game in onslaught and after i hit next floor it sent me to a public game.
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BlowTheDragon posted this bug on09/26/18
ConnorM 09/26/18 13:42

Unfortunately all end game summary screens coming from a private game are currently creating public sessions. If you currently wish to continue in private you will have to go back to town/tavern and create a new private session on the newly unlocked floor.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Shiki 09/27/18 19:43

This needs to be fixed asap. I only play private and this is making expeditions unplayable.

InsidiousAngel 09/27/18 19:50

This is not only affecting Onslaught, but regular sessions also.  Me, my wife, and friend played multiple games and everytime we went on to the next map, it turned public and someone jumped in.  

miked1082 09/30/18 13:52

Trendy, please make this a top priority. It's going to upset a lot of people that love to play the game privately and is being viewed as a deliberate choice to inflate the multiplayer player base, regardless of whether or not that is true.

RodriV 10/01/18 18:21

Hi, Solve this as soon as possible please, I have this problem and it is very annoying to be able to play as a couple, not only passes the game from private to public but also closes the party. In addition, you go to the city and often the party is not assembled correctly, the cities do not coincide with your friends and to play some games you lose a lot of time with this inconvenience.

Insaneis 10/02/18 17:40

This really needs a fix ASAP.

I tend to play with my close friends in privet games, and each time we go to next map/floor it goes public, then someone joins and often makes maps harder either by scalling mobs up (if that happens), or just by "taking" part of our mana pool and upgrading wrong things.

Going to tavern in-between each damn map is annoying enough that we are thinking about droping DD2 out of our games rotation till this is fixed, and that could lead to us never coming actually back if it would take to long to fix...

Kimz 10/03/18 06:07

Please fix asap. I enjoy multiplayer but when I want to do it. I hate doing chaos private then a bunch of people jump in the map when we try to move on. I like to run through with my daughters we don't want the extra slot taken by a random hence choosing private...

MrStrangerDanger 10/08/18 13:54

Fixed, I belivee.

brian 05/03/19 13:11

whats funny is on xbox the exact opposite happens. start as public and continung to next floor turns it into private.


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Goob 12/19/21 01:40 @7947
Another funny thing, If this was a hot issue then it would be fixed already, Like dude, it's 2021 mark it fixed already, I wonder if they just abandoned this forum since no bug report post has been reviewed since 2018