Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Mastery Glitch (Windows)
When on chaos 1 on siphon site d mastery, if you don't complete the whole mastery on the first try without failing, if you retry from wave it automatically fails you when you restart the round saying that the "win each phase with 10 or more different defenses" is not met. I had 12 different defenses and no matter what I did it would keep saying that I was failing. I even tried selling and replacing ALL the defenses but it still wouldnt work.
Repro Chance: 50%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Start Chaos 1 Siphon Site D Mastery

2. Win any number of rounds

3. Fail a round and retry from last wave

4. Mastery ignores what defenses youve placed and fails you

Expected Results: I mean isn't it obvious that the expected result is for the problem to be fixed so no one else experiences this problem?

No Username posted this bug on01/09/19
Furk 01/13/19 16:09

Just had the same thing happen to me.  If you sell and try to reposition some defenses betweens rounds even if you replace with the same towers (and I even tried more than I had removed) you automatically fail.

Toranja 02/07/19 17:04

There's an extension to this bug. Mastery requirement "Think Fast" also fails as you retry.

MiniTie 03/27/19 20:05

I've had this happen to me on C6 Unholy catacombs. When you restart it automaticly says you failed the more than 10 defences objective.

Ajdo 07/04/20 06:01

Same happens in July 2020, Unholy Catacombs on c2