Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Lavamancer's Volcano doesn't get destroyed by victory chests on forest biome (PS4)

If a volcano is placed in front of the victory chest's spawn location, It doesn't get destroyed when victory chests pop up, making it hard to find all the purple dots.

NawtyChen posted this bug on11/21/16
[TE]Sev3n 11/21/16 18:50

I haven't been able to find a spot where I can build a volcano and have it cover up and of the loot from my chests. Are you able to get a screenshot or a video of this occurring?

NawtyChen 11/21/16 22:04

I'll work on getting a screen shot asap

[TE]Sev3n 11/29/16 12:47

Any update on a screenshot of this happening, NawtyChen? I just tried again and I can't build a volcano that covers the loot.

[TE]Sev3n 11/30/16 19:00

I was understanding the issue wrong. I was able to see it happening. Thanks.

NawtyChen 11/30/16 21:34

Thank you very much for your dedication! I'm sorry I wasn't any help X_X