Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

auto collect items in onslaught cant be stopped (Windows)

I got on my bank 11 bags for collecting 32 items in each bag, all are set on no auto collecting. When i play onslaught on various maps after i guess wave 13-15 suddenly autocollecting starts and almost all items are getting auto collected. In a minute my bank is full loaded and also Scavenger is more or less full loaded. After this point i miss all dropped gear cause it is loaded at Scavenger and i need to return to my Tavern to get it from scavenger. On this way i am not be able to get on wave 35 for example and get my bonus gear. Is there a way to get this thing right?


bloody_evil posted this bug on10/13/16
Petire 10/14/16 15:41

This happens because you have reached a maximum of loot on the ground all new loot goes to inventory instead of scavenger. Thanks for the report!

Elandrian 10/25/16 15:25

A fix for this will be bundled in with our Inventory revamp changes.

CrusadeR 11/08/16 01:24

Please fix this, Onslaught is unplayable :(

Deadringers 12/20/16 04:28

Thanks for confirming that this will be fixed TE!


@ CrusadeR, it's hardly unplayable.


The "workaround" is to have a few bags set to pick up all other "trash" items and "sell all" every few rounds. 

Not idea but far from "unplayable". 

TheMrGuti 09/16/17 08:28

When i play in c4's incursion the loot and at the final of the game, i dont have anything