Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Multiple Builder Lag issue (Windows)

When multiple builders have towers that are attacking the same monsters at the same time, the server appears to lag out and all the clients will lag for several seconds repeatedly. Selling the towers such that only one person's towers are attacking will remove lag.

Some builders don't seem to cause it, but myself and several other heavily geared ones consistently do. I can take part in games where other people build together and it is ok, but if I add a single tower everyone lags out. So the common workaround is to build everything or nothing.

Some abilities, namely Broomnado and the Ghost Halberds, also seem to cause the lag if other players cast them inside killzones from other player's towers.

geo981010 posted this bug on10/13/16
geo981010 10/13/16 16:48

As I (and others) have mentioned to Iamisom, I can create the lag with any other player if they build. Would be willing to setup a easy onslaught/etc with Trendy so you can see the issue.

Not sure if this is related, but if I build the server also lags out for a second or two right at the start. Does not happen if most other users build, but it does with some.

K-ToF 10/13/16 18:02

Out of curiosity, what region's server do you play on?

PandynatorDD 10/13/16 18:06

Sometimes you can "fix" or bypass this bug if you either loose the map on purpose or build the map once with one builder first.

This does not fix it 100% of the time. 

Biggest issue with the game right now in terms of bugs IMO.

Here are some videos, first one is maybe not related to the issue, but it is somewhat similar.(Probably more of a netcode issue)

3rd one is the best example of how bad it can be, but it can lag spike even worse than shown in the video.




PandynatorDD 10/13/16 18:07

 Any way to edit a comment? 

Me and my friends play on EU and all have this issue. Some of us lag more when we build together and some less.

geo981010 10/13/16 18:59

I play on US server 99% of the time.

I agree with Pandy on the start lag too (where I build and group gets a couple of seconds of lag at start of battle after the build) - it only happens the first time a group plays together in a session. If no new players join and we replay, the startup lag doesn't happen. Also seems to happen when new players join.

It used to be easier to avoid, but now with 0 DU defenses and broomnado and ghost halberds, most random games I end up having to pause and remind newer players. After explaining it, several players have commented that they just thought the game servers sucked.

Thank you for video Pandy!

Drathmar 10/16/16 11:10

I get this one alot to, 


Used to the best recipe for this was lots of high attack speed defenses mixed with PDT and SA and Proton Beam

Its ever time a group of mobs die everything lags for a few and then the mobs teleport back in the lane 5-10ft from where they were

This can get down right horrible on onslaught horde waves

Maybe the different towers are competing for kills or the other player's towers are trying to target mobs that are already dead

Drathmar 10/16/16 11:22

oh yeah, and power surge seems to have consistently the worst lag

I've lost that stage more times due to lag than anything else

Petire 10/17/16 13:17

Here are some videos, first one is maybe not related to the issue

The first video is an issue with healing and moving, the client and server get out of sync. This is known and is bugged, just not a simple fix.

Thanks for the other two videos will make sure to pass the information on.

VexX 10/25/16 16:39

Just came out of a power surge where three huntresses built and we had the lag.  It wasn't unplayable (we just about survived the wave 5 ogres) but it definitely needs fixing.

geo981010 10/25/16 23:39 @208

Hey Petire- it has been a week and this is still in "Needs your help". Do you want more videos? As I mentioned before, I can create this anytime and I would be available to create the issue.

Trendy 10/27/16 11:08 @344

The more videos the better for the time being. That way we can pinpoint more details of exactly what's going on and what you guys are experiencing.

Elandrian 11/03/16 13:58

I require more videos!

geo981010 11/03/16 23:43 @394

Here is a laggy example from a game today where someone wanted Bastille to be a multiple builder experience. Around 30 seconds in it starts, and often gets a good 5 seconds of lag between bouts of normal play.


Next run, I solo built it with the same guys, and no lag.

For me, the lag has gotten worse since initial request. If I am the builder with other players now, the first wave will lag for 3-5 seconds for all almost every time. If someone puts down a fissure or snake coil that starts doing damage, we get lag spikes like this whenever their tower is doing damage.

I am on EST and usually play a bit around lunch time and then in early afternoon, and would be more than happy to get in a game with you to show you it. We can start an onslaught that will lag for days.

Imeasytokill 11/04/16 17:08 @394

https://youtu.be/-8cRnbPuMBk i think it has something to do with 2 towers from different people hitting 1 mob at the same time

Imeasytokill 11/06/16 04:16 @394



are those videos helping or do you need some specific stuff?

lasagna 11/12/16 03:52


lasagna 11/13/16 00:26


Public match and was unplayable.
Server: Asia
Builders: 4
Towers: PDT, Proton Beam, SA, Boost Aura, Geysers

gigazelle 12/19/16 14:51

Also getting the same issue. I was playing blood moon a couple nights ago, summoned an obelisk while another player built everything else. When the snake was throwing flames, we'd get 1-2 second lag spikes frequently. Once I sold it, the lag lessened. Was playing on NA servers.

Petire 01/12/17 15:59

I am moving this to fixed, if you continue to see any issues specific towards lag please let us know. Thanks for all the help in tracking this down!