Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Sound bugs (PS4)

No sound on opening cinematic.

Sound volume entirely ignores settings when in sewer and ramparts maps.  For the ramparts, the sound changes when entering the interior section and normal on the outside.

Plic posted this bug on10/13/16
Mindless 10/14/16 14:35

Sound settings are also ignored when creating a character.

sirozan 10/15/16 11:51

I know this (sound extremely loud, unaffected by sound control in options) from siphon site d, also the interior parts of ramparts. It's the same issue that also was at the cutscenes once, but it stayed like this even when those were fixed.

My assumption is, that this has to do with an attempt to create a hall effect to the sound, because ot only happens in maps that resemble big rooms (or map parts, in case of ramparts). Haven't seen it occur in outdoor maps, where there is the sky, not a roof over the map.

sirozan 10/16/16 06:49

I can also confirm that the opening cinematic has no sound at all. Instead, after some time of it, there already starts the background music of the first map like it is on the title screen after the cinematic has ended.

Elandrian 10/17/16 15:23

Thanks for the bug report!

In the future, if you (and people commenting) could split the different areas that are bugged into separate bug reports, that would help us immensely!

For example:
1.  No sound on opening cinematic
2.  Volume settings ignored when in Sewers and Ramparts.
3.  Sound changes when on the interior section and is normal on the outside.

Also, for number 3, let us know the specific areas for where you had the bug occur.  Screenshots help us a ton too.  

Thanks for everyone's help!