Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Looting bug (Windows)

It seems that my inventory is bugged. Sometimes when I'm playing, the bags doesn't collect anything. Even if I pick it up myself. 

I have auto collect on and the filter is set on any but it still doesn't collect anything. Usually a restart helps but it's really odd.

jonassvensson4 posted this bug on12/18/16
[TE]Sev3n 12/19/16 14:58

From what I can tell, the items should be going to the Scavenger with no notification that they are. Of course, they shouldn't be, and when they do there should be a notification, so there is a bug here that I have documented. As for the items that you are picking up, check the scavenger.

rayda 01/26/17 09:38

my auto loot picks up what ever when it feel likes it and puts it in any bag thats not even set to auto loot i cant even use it its so bad

nightgex 03/27/17 05:25

I create c1, Drop only thing 46lvl and no Shards c1. If I join the players the drop works fine (50Lvl & Shards 1c)

Bone Crusher 08/08/17 19:13

i picked up an egg i went to the hachery and it said i have no egg!