Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Bug Status Category Comments Votes Date
Shift key in inventory does not work consistantly Recent Reports User Interface 0 Comments 1 Votes 03/04/19
After losing a wave "G" key work when the choices are Y or N to retry Recent Reports User Interface 1 Comments 2 Votes 03/04/19
Initiate Thunderbolts and Lightning Shard can be placed on Non Magic Staff weapons Fixed 02/14/18 Loot 0 Comments 0 Votes 10/20/17
Reaching ascension level Splash screen shows old Level not New one Fixed 12/13/17 User Interface 0 Comments 0 Votes 07/07/17
Petrinarian uses too much food Recent Reports Loot 0 Comments 2 Votes 06/25/17
Unable to place flame aura Chaos 2 map "The Ramparts" Fixed 08/02/17 Maps 1 Comments 0 Votes 06/25/17
Mousing Over Vials - Reports "Unlock at forge" Fixed 06/21/17 Loot 0 Comments 0 Votes 04/26/17
Wrong Message on Trials end of map Dialog box Fixed 04/21/17 User Interface 1 Comments 0 Votes 03/13/17