Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Broken/Empty Upgrade Shard (Windows)

This upgrade shard is kind of sitting in my inventory. Not sure what to do with it or how i got it in the first place.

Noticed it after equipping shards on some of my classes' gear. Interacting with it brings up a bugged-looking upgrade screen as shown  in the first image


Sev posted this bug on02/28/17
Petire 03/01/17 11:55

This is an issue but we are unable to reproduce if anyone has any information upon how they are getting this please help. Thanks!

Ruinous 03/01/17 20:43

I have had the same thing occur for me


I attempted to sell the item, to determine if it was high tier or not and it advised it was above tier 4. I think I got this when identifying shards after my 2nd map, after Trials launched.

From memory I was quickly right clicking the shards to ID them, so not sure if that bugged it somehow or not...




Edited on: 03/01/17 20:44
lili 03/07/17 20:13

Similar thing happened to me but not with a Chaos Shard. I just right clicked to activate the shard and it sort of greyed out and still showed the shard picture but would interact like a shard (opening to view upgrades etc). 

Meloly 03/09/18 04:48


Akayen 04/22/18 21:54

I have plenty of 'em as well.


I can't sell them,  can I get them removed somehow?


Tankkiller2025 06/17/18 21:32

i have the samw problam here