Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Howling Feast shard (Windows)

I believe (I HOPE) Howling Feast is bugged, or the description is just incorrect. At max level it increases Hero Damage by 30 after you get 10 Feast stacks. This is a very insignificant damage increase, and there are requirements for getting the buff. Please verify that 30 damage is correct. A single Ascension point into Hero Damage is 20, needing to land 10 attacks in 3 seconds in order to gain 30 bonus damage is a horrible waste of a Shard Slot if this is correct.

Hom-Sha-Bom posted this bug on03/02/17
Immortal-D 03/05/17 18:59

I will also add that this Shard does not work on Abyss Lord, but there is no tooltip indicating it shouldn't.

Rykari 03/25/17 14:36

Can a member of trendy please confirm whether this is a visual / tooltip bug or an actual gameplay bug?

I assume it's supposed to be a percentage increase?