Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Frostbite Towers channel is non existent against Assassins (Windows)

Frostbite Towers channel when targeting Assassins is reduced to 0,1s or less meaning they insta freeze assassins causing them to be no threat at all.

A solution to this is to make them do there full channel, and then have a 45% chance at freezing them, then they would be a challenge even if Crushing damage + Freeze killed them.

Let me be clear, its the Channel thats bugged that I am reporting, not them dying to Freeze+Crushing as they are air unit after all.

Zimmermann posted this bug on03/13/17
Zimmermann 03/13/17 13:28

Here is a video of wave 5, you can see how short the Assassins stay on my back.

Zimmermann 03/13/17 14:10

When you fix this, please do not simply make frostbites no longer work on assassins, that would be so frustrating and game breaking for some of us. The channel should just last its normal full length time, because then you are still stuck in the channel which is the hard part anyway. 

In addition, they would not be guaranteed to die when the channel ends because its only a 45% chance of a freeze.