Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

First Hero forced into 1st slot of Hero Deck. (Windows)

I don't know how or why but this tends to occur when I manually disconnect from the game by pressing Tab and typing Disconnect.

The first Hero I created is an Apprentice and its always him who is put into my deck in the 1st slot. It ejects the hero I previously had in the 1st slot and moves it to an empty slot or off the deck. I cannot reproduce these results and this occurs rarely.

Random Asian posted this bug on10/19/16
Petire 11/04/16 21:26

This has been happening for quite some time, if we can narrow down a better reproduction case we can begin working on a fix for this. 

Random Asian 11/16/16 07:14

Just extra info that might prove valuable.

I noticed that this bug was much more common to me the moment I only had 2 Mystic in my Deck. They were in the 1st and 2nd slot of my Deck. I'm being very specific about Hero and Slot designation since it might assist with reproduction. I played about 6-8 hours back then when I was gearing my Mystics. I didn't bother reproduction with different characters or slot designations.

Random Asian 11/16/16 17:40 @436

This reply is just to catch your attention to my other comment that I forgot to click Reply on.

Fozzie 11/22/16 05:52

Same for me my Monk is always in slot one after disconnect.

RoseCrime 12/01/16 02:35

Just guess:
As I remember this happened to me too while i used more then 1 mystic in deck (not sure how many of it it was).
So maybe this happens with multiple copies of same heroes...

Kosta 04/11/17 08:54

Never mind, i figured it out after playing more with menus. You can delete this.