Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Why isn't Forest Biome map considered a forest map? (Windows)

It matters with the daily mission: "play 2 or 3 forest maps", other than 'Forest Crossroads' & 'Liferoot forest', why isn't 'Forest Biome' considered a forest map? (well, it does have the word "Forest" in it, & the map is of a forest) :)

Sam posted this bug on04/06/17
Ubara-tutu 04/21/17 13:00

The map is now listed in the daily forest map mission but the only version of it I can access (pick out of a menu) is the Blood Moon incursion which apparently does NOT count.


Ubara-tutu 04/21/17 13:04

(Game was timing out while I am reporting this bug!)

I have not tried Forset Biome because I now have to start trials and skip maps until it randomly gets assigned. This is a very bad mechanic. Please let us pick the forest biome map directly in some way even if we need to go to the portal in the town.