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'Continue' button not working. (Windows)

On completion of a Chaos 4 map and selecting the 'continue' button to load the next map the game doesn't load anything and then a new selection of buttons appears asking us to either go to hub or return to title screen. 

We've tried C2 and C3 and its only happening on C4. 

It's impossible to get a win streak on Chaos 4 here like this. 

Steps: Load C4 map // Play map // collect chest // press continue and then it will do nothing until it loads the new buttons. 

Note: the 'To Tavern' button works just fine but we can't maintain a streak... 

Also the item bug for Crumbled Bulwark has returned. (Item spam much) 


lili posted this bug on04/19/17
ConnorM 04/20/17 11:40

I can't reproduce either of these problems post hotfix. If you are able to reproduce these issues please let us know.

lili 04/20/17 19:14 @3160

This is still happening to us. In case it makes any difference we are always playing together in a pair as EV2 and the Gunwitch (I'll also point out here that we are still experiencing the connection lost issue when EV2 uses the Proton Beam). 

We've recorded the issue in action but I don't seem to be able to attach it here. I'll happily send it by e-mail if you can provide an address.  There also appears to be an issue with random insta-deaths which can also be seen in the video where EV2 is randomly killed by something dealing 400k+ damage at around the 6 minute mark. 

I don't have any further info on the loot issue in Crumbled Bulwark as we haven't had that map today. 

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CinPrens 04/21/17 19:05

Thnx for this  post.I have same problem.We are waiting for fix that bug.Thnx again.

Bloodshield 04/21/17 19:06

We have same problem like this.c5 private game with my friend when the game succefully complete or fail then paty leader press continue to go another map,game allways give us to go to menu or go to HUB options.We cant proceed to go another map.I hope this bug gonna fix soon.

SpiderDanX 04/23/17 21:38

Same bug with me, too. Happens in all multiplayer games. Pretty much never in solo. Happens in  Ch2 and 4 that I have tried. Have not done multiplayer in any other chaos.  Happens in private and public multiplayer.


between this and the bad multiplayer scaling (not a bug), I have a hard time enjoying the game with friends. :-(

ThisGuy 04/25/17 00:15

I am having the same problem with this, it seems to only happen when I am in mulitplayer C4 maps.

LjMjollnir 04/25/17 03:26

Its not just C4.. its ALL multiplayer..

It generally only happens with one of my friends.. doesnt matter who the host is the player it happens with is from New Zealand and im from Australia.


Its related to this bug i posted way back that got declined.. THIS IS STILL HAPPENING https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/895/party-bug

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FstjmnC 04/25/17 11:03

Hey! it's happening to me to in c3.

soda_taffy 04/25/17 16:40

Happens here in C1-4 on all maps whenever two people in the house are playing together on two separate PS4s. Haven't tried split screen. Never happens on solo or when one of us is playing any other type of public match. Doesn't seem to matter which heroes we're using.


Update: I just created a match. A friend joined. When we finished, in order to avoid the Continue bug, he chose "Leave Session" without ending the match. I thought I would then be able to Continue on my own, but I got pulled back to the tavern, too. It didn't ask if I wanted to stay together or stay in the match. This was on The Dead Road C3. I thought the same thing had happened earlier in the throne room, as well, but I assumed at the time that I must have spaced and hit End. Apparently not.

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lili 04/28/17 20:15 @3160

I'd be curious to know if you've investigated how many of these users are joining games via steam (as I do)? I've seen it mentioned a few other places that people are connecting to games via the join game option on Steam when the bug happens. 

DoomDude 04/30/17 17:58

Whenever I play solo I can continue just fine through C1 no problem. However when I beat a map with my friend with me, the continue button doesn't work. It shows up, but when I click it both buttons disappear for 3 minutes, and then two new buttons show up to "Go to menu" or "Go to hub". 

Looks like a problem with how the game handles sending a party to the next map. 

Hope it gets fixed soon, the win streak bonus is pretty important for grinding shards.

Baraka7 04/30/17 22:08

This "Continue" button doesn't work for me on ANY trial whatever the level.  every single time, it just disapear and 10 seconds later, a menue appear with a choice of HUB our main menu.  so IMPOSSIBLE for me to play ANY trial.  kind of lame since DD2 is pushing for this lately.

OlavGG 05/01/17 11:36

I have this issue with a friend of mine at every single Chaos difficulty.  It is really obnoxious and we can't get any win streak what so ever


soda_taffy 05/03/17 15:39

On PS4, happens whenever someone joins by going to Friends -> Now Playing -> Join Session, which is the only way that we've been able to join one another successfully without being in the same lobby to begin with.

Nelly 05/04/17 07:14

I have this problem too.

Steps: Load C4 map // Play map // collect chest // press continue and then it will do nothing until it loads the new buttons. 

Note: the 'To Tavern' button works just fine but we can't maintain a streak...

Its 100% the same for me. except its on every chaos tier. its working fine for my friend even when we have nearly the same specs and the same ISP.

it dosnt matter if he starts a map or me.

i dont know when it started.

maybe a temporary workaround could help me(us). let us change the host from a privat lobby, with that i could give the host function to my friend.


edit: we are from middle germany and playing on the EU server.

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Plic 05/10/17 19:18

This happens on the ps4 while in split screen as well.  Makes playing with my wife suck.

unmai 05/12/17 14:19

i got a nearly same problem but it also happens on other caos level but only when i play with a group of friends ... solo there is no problem


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Crow08 05/15/17 12:07

I noticed this is only happening to me when playing in a private match with multiple players. 

Never experienced this in singleplayer or in public games.

I hope this information is helpful.

Geofraynils 05/21/17 06:15

Same bug on C1. We are two guys group with steam. I'm lead (i think because my mate joined me) and when i click on continue nothing hapens. We just wait the end of the 1Min timer and 2 next buttons "go to menu" and "go to hub" appear. 

Impossible to have consecutiv wins with that bug. 

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juggs.02 05/23/17 00:01

Same is happening to me and my buddy, and I've noticed that some times the host gets the option to continue or return to tavern, and some times the other players get the option, seems random as to who gets to choose.  The trend I'm noticing is that it always crashes/stalls out, when the host has the option given to him.  I've joined my buddies game, been given the option to continue, and we transition to the next map with no problems.  But, as soon as it's his turn to choose, he clicks continue and we get sent back to tavern and  our continuous streak comes to an end.   So in my estimation, it has something to do with the host having the control of continue that is bugged.

PureChocolateThunder 05/23/17 21:39

Still can't Continue Solo(Private) or Multi(Public). Doesn't matter what diff/map. Managed to continue once today but 99% of the time can't continue.

amarelo 10/01/18 21:10

The same happened to random map or replay in the dead isle atualization


amarelo 10/01/18 21:10

The same happened to random map or replay in the dead isle atualization