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EMP kobold boss Zap range is to big (Windows)

This is worked as intended i guess, but duo to that you can lose nearly all maps duo to where it spawns, i consider it a deadly bug. The EMP Kobold boss explodes and applies damage in a huge radius, way bigger then the small EMP kobolds in C7. This Boss has a chance to spawn on round 5 in a C7 trials map. Duo to map layout some spawner are really close to a core. This leads to that the player nearly always loses this map when the boss spawns inside the certain spawner, even when the player kills all monster directly at their spawn ground.

Maps where the EMP Kobold boss can kill the core from its spawning area is:

  • Dragonfall Sewers (when he spawns in the down right spawner)
  • Grumbling Bulwark (when he spawns at the second spawner from left side)

Steps to reproduce:

  • start the game
  • start a C7 map and reload until you get Dragonfall Sewers or Grumbling Bulwark
  • play these map until the EMP Kobold boss spawns in the mentioned spawner
  • trigger the boss so he goes off near the spawner
  • notice you lost because the range just hit the core

Expected result:

The player should have a chance even if the boss spawns in a spawner close to the core.

Dreamanime posted this bug on04/20/17
Ryusei 04/21/17 06:41

I just had this experience when he spawned in the lowermost spawn on Crumbling Bulwark. I didn't even see the boss come out of spawn when I lost but the range was so great, it destroyed both of my Sky Guards (one of which was on the stairs near the altar). 

sakis2011 04/21/17 17:13


ok we have a video that shows the explotion that rekts the entire map lol

Edited on: 04/21/17 17:14
Zimmermann 04/22/17 08:44

We need some form of indicator as to which gate he will spawn at so we can insta stun him and zerg. 

Right now there is nothing you can do except constantly look at the mini map which frankly is a nightmare to read if you do not have 20/20 vision, and my glasses are always dirty as shit :D

LuDeRu 04/22/17 16:41

(Sound warning, loud video ?)

I taunted the EMP birb at the entrance of the lane as far away from the core as possible but that was a really stupid idea. 

It's a boss which is REALLY punishing if you do something wrong or don't burst it fast enough. Really depressing to be in wave 5.

LjMjollnir 04/24/17 21:44

Zapper Range is too stronk!!!

anyway heres another Video

there isnt much more we could have done to prevent this loss.. i was stunning constantly as the AL and mate was on dps duty..

Edited on: 04/24/17 21:44
iamisom 06/02/17 11:45

A few patches ago, we dramatically reduced the damage dealt by the Zapper boss. Since then, we haven't seen any complaints regarding the issue listed in the original post. We're marking this as Fixed for two reasons:

1)  We believe we've addressed the core concern, which was the Zapper insta-killing the core. This was, in scientific terms, super-no-good-very-bad behavior, and our Behavior Specialists gave the Zapper a very intense therapy session to alleviate his killing tendencies.

2)  Whether the Zapper's range is still too large or not is more of a discussion rather than a bug report. If you still feel it's too large, we encourage you to start a discussion thread on our forums.