Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Harbinger's Watch meteors spawning grey boxes on detonation (Windows)

If the apprentice uses Mana Bomb and has a Harbinger's Watch equiped he spawns meteors. If these Meteors are hitting something the matrix opens and grey boxes appear. If you walk through this diminsion gate you are led to the second diminsion of Etheria, it is dark and grey. It was once once a beautyfull land like the one we are living in, but the defenders in this diminsion lost to the Old One and the planet lost it's life core. With that no further life is possible in this alternate diminsion and the Old One are trying to conquere now our Etheria.

Steps to reproduce:

  • equip Harbinger's Watch on an apprentice
  • use Mana Bomb
  • notice the matrix is opened
  • jump into it and explore the destroyed market
  • go to the stable and look behind the haystack
  • there is a small goblin girl hiding there and crying for food
  • feed her some pet food
  • she will join you now
  • open the portal again and escape with her
  • after reaching your own diminsion she runs away towards the liferoot forest
  • follow her
  • follow her into her goblin den and DON'T attack the goblins
  • talk to the elder goblin shaman next to the goblin girl
  • learn the truth about the goblins and their escape from their home planet
  • you have now 2 choices, fight together with the goblins (goblin hero unlocks) or don't belive them and fight against the goblins (the den turns into a fighting ground)
  • if you fight you hear alot of crying over the rounds while you slay the last remaining sane goblins, soon their whole race is gone (sad end)

Expected result:

You are friendly with goblins, forever <3

Dreamanime posted this bug on10/23/16
Dani 11/03/16 20:24

Confirmed fixed for next release.