Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Revenant monk unkillable (Windows)

In the incursion map Return of Maldonis on Nightmare IV, triggering the chest event that spawns 'revenant monk' after round 7 ended, renders him unkillable and unable to kill anything .

I triggered the chest right as round 7 ended, ending up with him spawning while summoning end of game  loot chest.

Triggered chest with a gunwitch just for info.

Klaga posted this bug on10/29/16
RoseCrime 11/01/16 08:15

Yep.Enemyes always became immortal when wave finished.
Sometimes it happens with:
1.Healer mob skeletons (guess if they was spawned after wave end)
2.On demon Lair map with big lavaguys(Lavaguardian i guess it's name?) not sure what it's reason,maybe same.
3.Always on this map if someone open chest right before wave end and it spawn ony type of revenants at the end of any wave.

K-ToF 11/01/16 11:07

Yea, I've had that happen on a few waves where the revenant spawned late in the wave and would be invincible until we hit G.

Although, on the last wave, you can't really do that.

Dani 11/03/16 20:26

Confirmed fixed for next release.