Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

No Green Mana dropping on wave 7 of Catacombs NM4 incursion (Windows)

I am not sure what caused this bug, I have never seen it before.

Unfortunately I only managed to record the very end of the wave, as I did not notice early in the round due to completing the clensing. Only when I went to repair a wall, did I realize I couldn't, then I started recording ASAP, but after all the bigger monsters had already died.

I hope this is enough proof (Apologies for the audio, I was watching The Sky at Night):

Zimmermann posted this bug on10/29/16
Zimmermann 11/11/16 10:11

Just did Nimbus reach, same issue. will upload a video with proof. again wave 7, same build/heroes used.

Zimmermann 11/11/16 10:17

No DU wave 7 Nimbus Reach Video

Zimmermann 11/13/16 05:01

Round 4 of NM4 incursion Catacombs yielded zero DU from monsters (same build used).

Zimmermann 11/13/16 05:52

I have been calling it DU, I am talking about Green mana if this is confusing anyone.

No green mana dropping from monsters in some waves. This does not happen often but when it does its very frustrating as it makes the subsequent waves much harder.

Would love an option to edit the title of this thread from DU to Green mana.

ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 11/14/16 15:36

Yeah, at first I was like wth are you talking about??? But it makes sense now once I realized you meant green mana lol. Anyway,  quickly played 2 maps (1 regular and an incursion) and I didn't get this but I'm gonna spend some more time on it. So far has it just been nimbus reach and catacombs?

I did it with just random heroes/towers but i'll try to replicate the set up you're using in the videos. Thanks!

Petire 11/14/16 19:39

Moving this to need more information, seeing if anyone else has reported this, or if anyone else has more information about specifically how it happens. 

Zimmermann 11/16/16 10:23

So I have only experienced this bug 3 times, and only on those 2 maps mentioned, but in Incursion mode for Catacombs and Defense mode for Nimbus Reach.

One thing that I did on these attempts (and on many other perfectly successful clears) was attempt to do zero hero damage. Now this is a tenuous link at best, but its the only thing I can say I did "differently" then normal.

Defenses used in both cases: Blockades, Lightning auras, Serenity Auras, Boost Auras, Sky Guard Towers and Frostbite Towers.

I will be honest here, I am pretty sure this will be a nightmare to try and fix, so probably not worth putting to much time into it until I or others can recreate it more frequently.

Zimmermann 12/20/16 14:49

This bug has not happened since I last reported it...

I have done Catacombs I think every day, so thats something like 40+ times.
I almost want to say it might have been some strange temporary bug that is no longer effecting the game.

ConnorM 03/16/17 16:58

Fixed by removal.