Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Autumeow Pet Can't Get Cyclone Pet Ability (Windows)
So, I just bought the all new DLC's, especially "Deluxe Edition" and I got legendary autumeow pet, it has fire pet stats with fire shield ability, I want to reroll that ability to cyclone but never get it. It's like 73 times reroll, of course it's wasting my gold. Please I want to reroll that autumeow's ability to "Cyclone".
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Got a Legendary Autumeow pet from Deluxe Edition DLC.

2. Evolve the pet until pet has a ability, and got fire shield ability.

3. Want to reroll that ability onto cyclone ability.

4. 73 Times reroll still didn't get cyclone ability.

Expected Results: Please fix it

Whiz posted this bug on06/24/17
PandynatorDD 06/29/17 19:05

Got the same. 

"Only" re rolled like 30 times. 

Mine did not have elemental damage and it only rolls : "fireworks", "encouragement" and sparkle party. 

Darcmain 07/12/17 03:13

I hope they fix it soon. I really wanna use Autumoew but without Cyclone ...... 

Whiz 07/29/17 04:54

Thank you Trendy, it's fixed, I love it :)