Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Perma multi buff bug (Windows)

So I have submitted a variant of this bug previously which got declined without a reason.

Lavamancer Erupt combined with a hero switch, or multiple hero switch's can result in some insane DPS on Defenses. Basically adding as many buff multipliers appears to just scale out of control. However, an additional bug is being able to keep this buffed damage for infinitely.

Please let us know you are aware of this issue, so we don't keep reporting the same bug over and over.  As a handful of us have reported this bug with it simply being rejected. which implies you guys don't believe its a bug.

here is a video of the results:

Zimmermann posted this bug on11/01/16
Petire 11/04/16 11:48

This is multiple issues:

1. Boost aura buffing EV buff beam

2. Buff beam buffing another buff beam once

This is known, and nothing that buffs should be buffed by anything. Both of these issues are logged. Thanks for report!

Zimmermann 11/04/16 17:22

But all of these crazy numbers are triggered with Erupt and then hero switching and additional buffing heroes like the Mystic and Buff Sword from the Squire. I do not have that sword or a Mystic, that is why my DPS is so low compared to them.

Every buff in the game is multiplying on top of each other, even pets etc @dreamanime knows a lot more about it then me.


Imeasytokill 11/06/16 17:15


3. mancer uses his 3 you change your hero and the buff stays until you change back to a mancer in your deck


Fozzie 11/22/16 05:43

Yeah have seen this reproduced with Gobu in private tavern so definitely an issue. The boost remains even after the expiry of the eruption.

So definitely not as designed and not just the buffing of buffs.