Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

EV2 Reflect node torpedo attack rate inturrupted (Windows)
The EV2's reflect node torpedo attack is inturrupted whenever it's stats are altered. Switching heros produces this effect as well.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

A reflect node with a three seond attack time results in all of the nodes to fire off at the same time. This would make the bug easier to see.


Method 1 - Frostbite tower w/ frosty power shard:

Step 1: Build a reflect defense near a dummy. The number of nodes does not matter.

Step 2: Build a frostbite tower that has a frosty power shard equipped. Have it "attack" the dummy near the reflect defense.


Once the reflect defense have received the buff from the Frostbite tower, the bug will be triggered and it's attack will be inturrupted. Furthermore, since the frostbite tower occasionally stops firing in order to recharge, the bug will be triggered continually - greatly lowering the reflect defense's attack speed.


Method 2 - Hero Switch:

Step 1:  Create a reflect defense. The number of nodes does not matter.

Step 2: Switch hero. The next torpedo attack will be delayed as a result.

Expected Results: The reflect node will have it's next attack inturrupted - lowering the number of times it fires torpedos.

Seven posted this bug on12/27/17
D.Gonzalez 01/23/18 16:07

This is a known issue.

Mattias 03/03/18 08:21

The Obelisk interrupts the torpedoes as well. Whenever the Obelisk buffs a hero, the attack rate of reflect beams are halted.

Build a reflect beam at a dummy with a timer. Next, build an Obelisk and upgrade it to max. Watch how the time between torpedo explosions are extended whenever the hero gets a buff from the Obelisk.

Luis_Hokage 05/07/18 15:31

So what is the status on this issue as of now?
This bug was reported in this post almost a half year ago.
Was this already solved?

Edited on: 05/07/18 15:32
manchango 10/06/19 15:11

I have submitted a separate bug report for the shackle mod not working over a week ago and it is still “under review” but I have no idea if anybody has even seen it. Sorry to post on this bug but I don't know how to get anybody's attention, please help!!!! I would love acknowledgement that you received my bug report and will look into it (: