Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Gear stats at 0 when progressing. PS4 (PS4)
After completing a map, by winning or losing, and when continuing on, all gear will go to 0.
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Hello. I've recently come across this bug, that usually happens after 2 or more games in a row, it does not matter if this is onslaught or trials. 

After continuing a map, either by winning or loosing, when i arrive at the next map, all of the stats on my currently equipped gear, will go to 0. Relics, armor and weapons have all their stats set to 0. 

I guess that you could imagine how frustrating that must be,when progression on in onslaught, especially at higher floors. 


I hope that you would take your time to look into this. I am available on ps4 and on email if you want me to go into further details or record a video.

Have a great day :)

Expected Results: Bug fix

DK_Appz posted this bug on01/10/18
ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 01/11/18 17:49

Hi, is this something that happens very frequently or only every once in a while? Does it happen only to gear equipped o your hero all to all the gear you have (equipped or not)? Finally, do the stats ever come back on their own??

I'm looking into this atm so any extra info would be nice.

ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 01/11/18 17:52

Also, i can't find your account info with the PS4 id you provided. Is the one you provided still correct?

DK_Appz 01/16/18 03:34

Hello, and thank you for looking into this issue.

The bug happens pretty frequently. And it's not just the gear that is equipped, also the Stuff in your bags goes to zero. However, the gear that drops, will have stats and can be equipped. 

Sometimes the stats come back on their own, but i've only experienced this a few times.

For example, i would let the mobs run to the crystal, quick loss and then continue. The odds, of the stats returning,  are low when doing it like this.


 if i am playing with mates, and we happen to win the map. 

The second option is the best. Because it works 3 out of 5 times. Ish


The Ps4 id that i entered should be accurate. 

Talim 04/02/19 15:13

Hi there 

This is also happening to my and my buddy on PC :(

xikens 09/21/19 11:56

I just got the bug where all your items fall to 0 gear score for the first time. Normally, if we lose and do Y, the items become normal again (I didn't test, just heard about it). I still played the map with the bug, and I noticed that bosses didn't drop items. So if you want to do like me, don't do it ^^
I didn't even get a safe or mdr shards, and the floor is not validated.

Oh, I'm on PC

Edited on: 09/21/19 11:57
itsbrxdley 04/15/20 12:57

This has happened to to me and two other party members. After a chaos 2 game we come back to check our gear and everything is rated 1 and all stats are rated 0 apart from mods, which seem to keep there stats. all three of us are on PC.