Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Dryad Slimes have issues finding targets (Windows)

The slimes from Dryad's Slime Pit frequently seem incapable of finding targets. They sit there, even when an orc or something is beating on the world tree. They will still explode if touched by an enemy, but they won't actively move towards them all the time. Usually after a time sitting around, they'll suddenly remember how to attack and begin working again.

Ambiguous posted this bug on11/15/16
Ambiguous 11/15/16 16:11

I narrowed down the cause a bit. If you pair slime pits with hornet nests, that's when you start to see the slimes sitting still. I guess if there are already a number of hornets attacking a target, the slimes don't join in. If the hornets are not present, the slimes work as they should.

This is unfortunate, as slimes are very powerful, but cannot attack air targets. If you have hornets to deal with air, the slimes lose much of their effectiveness.

Reij 11/15/16 16:51

Thank you for submitting this bug. Could you please post a video with this behavior occurring? It would be especially helpful with this tower 

Ambiguous 11/15/16 18:27

Yeah, uploading one now, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YevAVDSohH0.

I was wrong about the hornet thing. The video I'm uploading shows it happening even when slime pits are the only towers around. I had a hard time getting a video of it in Little-Horn Valley, but it happens basically every wave on Siphon Site D to one extent or another. I just now ran a match using nothing but slimes on Gates of Dragonfall and it appeared to work normally most of the time.

Ambiguous 11/15/16 18:41

Err, not Siphon Site D, Dragonfall Sewers.

SidewalkHero 11/20/16 17:02

I've noticed Hornet AI doesnt like to attack things in their range sometime too. That and they like to fly off in some random direction and sit way out of their range.

Kanongold 05/13/17 07:02

I think that this is not fixed because today it happened to me on every wave in throne room. Like someone have said before they sit there, even when an orc or something is beating on the world tree even without hornets. Sorry if i made mistakes, english is not my main language.

Talis_Cat 05/26/17 14:44

I back up Kanongold. I'm doing c3 full slime and i often have to finish stuff myself.

I notice it happens more with stair, rising slope and summoned skeleton but not only ....

RoastBeef 07/26/17 17:54

This is still happening, same with the Nimbus. once enemies start attacking the tower they get ignored.

PandaUrchin 11/30/18 22:21

Yes, especially since the last big update, 4.1 I think, the targeting of the slimes, bees, and angry nimbus has a multitude of issues. The nimbus spends most of its time flying around and not attacking targets due to its prioritization algorithm I'm guessing. It ignores lady orcs way too often to attack a bomb goblin at the back of the line or just stops attacking entirely. The slimes do the same with not attacking anything but detonating if the enemy walks into it. The bees won't attack captain dread bones at all, this is very reproducible. I used to main as a Dryad prior to 4.1 but have since removed her from my deck entirely.

WP4L 03/13/19 17:10

Yeah this is definitely not fixed. Dryad towers are all but not used these days. They can't figure out how to attack 99% of the time.