Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

pets cant evolve (Windows) - Fixed, Pending Patch Release!
none of my pets can't evolve
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

step 1 : power reset
step 2 : use  pet lolipop
step 3 : feed pet for maximum food
step 4 : evolve button greyed out 
step 5 : leave town /return un equip/re equip 
step 6 : cry

Expected Results: my pet should have evolved at step 4

ashbringah posted this bug on07/11/18
ConnorM 07/11/18 12:21

This can be fixed by moving the materials to a different inventory slot and then doing the evolution. Not sure why it is broken as I haven't been able to get it to the broken state on my own profile.

Shad0wKaster 07/12/18 19:09

For me the Evolve button is there and makes the sound when you click on it but nothing happens..

ConnorM 07/13/18 16:06 @7301

Did you try moving the evolution material to a different slot in the inventory?

ashbringah 07/15/18 21:50 @7278

moving the materials did nothing but one day after a game all my materials vanished when i visited the town, confused i went back to private tavern and they all returned since then i can evolve normally

Edited on: 07/16/18 04:14
Prox 07/18/18 11:22 @7308

Moving material fixed the issue for me.

Z Type Knight 07/18/18 18:10

It's also happening with me. I have the materials and the gold, but cannot evolve a pet.

Powerhouse Klaus 08/11/18 08:48 @7301

I’m currently having the same issue with a pet. I went to evolve it and it clicks but does nothing. I went to switch the pets between characters my huntress and squire and both pets vanished. Now I dont have the pet I was trying to evolve nor do I have the pet that was already evolved. 

*A few few hours after posting & playing*

I checked my scavenger. Some how my pets went from my characters straight to the scavenger.  I don’t know how it happened but if anyone has an issue like mine check the scavenger in town he might have your pets. 

Edited on: 08/11/18 16:46
Elf23 08/15/18 15:18

Have this issue ongoing. I read this thread and now check which material I need. Just switching that mat to any other possition in the inventory lets me evolve. I've evolved three pets recently and all of them needed this trick.

Patrol 09/03/18 10:56

2 of my pets at level hatchling can't evolve when i already have gold, items, pover and affection (10/10)  to do that.

There is evolve button available but with no use. After click there was only sound effect.

lordtimmy 09/03/18 23:20

what happened to me today is.... yesterday i evolved my pet and it had its ability and today i log on it was 10/10 on all thing lost the ability and now its not evolved.

ConnorM 09/25/18 12:18

This will be fixed as of our next release.

Gerg 09/27/18 13:05

Nothing worked until I let a bunch of eggs rot the evolve worked again! :--)