Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Eye of Cthulu boss constantly going out of bounds. Unbeatable map. (Windows)

Basically the Eye of Cthulu, when it goes into it's 2nd form, can go out of bounds and either despawn, lose aggro on players and keep going, or it hits a kill plane. If it charges underground at all (so far for me 100%), you can NEVER finish the map. 

Zavern posted this bug on11/21/16
Petire 11/22/16 15:01

I have been unable to reproduce this issue at all, I am moving this to needs your help, if you can share any information about how this is happening, video is preferred. More information about your build and how you are playing through the boss fight. Thanks for help!

Gyr 11/22/16 23:45

Yeah I've gotten the same thing twice in a row. I'm using abyss lord. I think fighting near the main house might cause it. Or it could be stunning it and not killing it immediately. I don't know but it's been twice while around well.

Bugged game 11/23/16 23:57

Same issue here. After raging eye, he just dissappears. His HP bar will dissappear eventually as well.

RoseCrime 11/24/16 03:47

I'll add info from my report added here 4 days earlier:

Bug preface:
We took buffs and started wave with 4 heroes:
2.Other dps guys,doesn't matter.
But,when we started to attack him - he lost agro and tryed to flee back.
Then he stucked and started to spawn cute eye mobs untill I came to him and tryed to bait.
That worked,buuuut.
Other thing happened - he falled down from map.Forever.
Wave became infinite.


Defences on video:
protons+Viper block+serenity+poison each lane.
2 Obeliscs on middle.

Just to save your time:
Start video - Boss stucked
3-15 - Boss fell down from map.

Some more info about agro:
(maybe it will help)

@Zimmermann quote:
I found that if you consistently attack him he will stay with you. I found this out trying to do Mindlessdefender's AFK no upgrading/building/repairing post round 1 challenge on incursion mode rather then defense mode. I was able to do it, but the boss 100% of the time will lose agro from you at some point and either just charge off at your core/defenses or leave the map.
End result its actually not possible to AFK the boss without some kind of attack hitting him to keep agro.

Martin Lajoie 11/26/16 21:10

Happen to me 2 times yesterday and 2 times today! this map is long so is really boring when the eye stuck in nowhere, can it be just possible to not make eye go throw map, first is really weird and second that make this bug happen :(

Momo 11/27/16 13:43

I did three runs on NM2 and had no issues (with two people), but then did another three runs on NM3 (with three people) and two out of three times he would dive underground and then just keep going down until both the dirrectional indicator and the HP bar would vanish. 
We fought him both times at the long stretch on the North-side of the map.
He had not enraged either time.

LordAngel 11/28/16 13:16

Had the boss disappear when I healed my lava mancer under ground whilst soloing this boss.

The boss vanished but boss health bar was still there then when i popped back out of the ground the boss never reappeared.

After 2-3 mins the boss health bar vanish and mission became unfinishable as mission does not realise boss = dead therefore victory.

Nuclear696 11/30/16 16:42

it seems if cthulu is out of the map (like under the ground) an it gets stuned (like with the dragonmouth from lavamancer) this bug occours 

try it with friends 4 times with one lavamancer and got the bug 4 times, after that the lavamancer switched to another char and  there was nothing wrong with cthulu

PandynatorDD 11/30/16 20:35

 If you look at RoseCrime's video at 3:10.

Look at the minimap the boss just runs out of the map.


LjMjollnir 12/02/16 20:47

Had this happen to me the other day aswell..

I was fighting the boss with Gunwitch... died then he agro'd onto a mate who i think was playing Squire

While he was tanking the boss it decided to fly right up into the sky... it stayed there for a couple of mins and jokingly my mate said try and shoot it

so i shot at it.. my projectiles hit the skybox.. but oddly enough he come flying back down then he flew into the floor for a min or so.. he came back and was near dead so we finished him off quickly then...

Ruiviciado 12/30/16 10:35

Can´t Even Beat The Map :/ 

Today I was playing with my friends and the boss just disappeared and his HP bar disappeared too!


Brandiur 12/30/16 10:36

So, are the devs going to do anything about this?

Wallewallewalle 01/01/17 16:29

I was playing on NM1 and the boss de-spawned after being out of bounds 9/10 of the time and only got him down to 2 million before he dissipated and wave didn't end. Searched across the map to see if he was hiding or could lure him out and got nothing.

Nubcakes 02/24/17 15:52

My friend and I had this issue as well. We're not pros by any means, we had only just decided to try the map out for the first time and it all went well (though it took quite a while at our skill level) and we were on the last wave when the EoC came out we had him chasing after me, I primarily play a huntress with hero damage and ability power, and that way all I had out against the EoC. I eventually let my friend focus on the creature, he swaps between a DPS mage with the one halberd staff I think, the one that can spawn the weapons like towers to attack. He also has an abyss lord. That was who he was playing as both times the EoC disappeared after going down so far.

Gimmy 07/02/17 09:10

I did the map two times and this bug never happen but i cant really tell if it is because my team rekt him to fast :P