Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Lavamancer Fissure upgrade immediately (Windows)

When upgrading Lavamancer fissures to tier 2 during battle, they immediately upgrade instead of having to wait the normal build time.

geo981010 posted this bug on11/30/16
DailyTrend 12/01/16 19:02

Been like that since release

geo981010 12/01/16 20:28 @1296

I think at release you didn't have to upgrade it at all, but then first patch after yeah they changed it to the current way. I kind of forgot about it as I haven't being using fissures much, but it still seems weird.

Wasn't sure if this was an intended choice for this tower, kind of like how the archer towers can be spam built. But since they approved it, I guess it is an oversight not a design choice .

Petire 02/28/17 09:18

This will be changed after the Trials Update!

Nerva 03/06/17 06:58

Now that the Trials update is here, I can confirm that this is fixed.  Fissure of Embermount require time to complete the upgrade process if upgraded during the Combat Phase.